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LNA projects

low noise amplifier

New Low Noise Preamplifier for 2 m Band - filter, static and power protection...

- Filter BPF

-Protection from static

- Protection from send power to out of LNA

-High IP3

My Low Noise Preamplifiers :

LNA for 10 GHZ (from SAT LNB , NEC )


LNA for 10 GHz ( MGF4919G)

The Cavity LNA has been designed for small signal applications EME in high QRM area

MGF1302 MGF1303 3P373A 3P325

( i use this LNA in this moment )

LNA for 5,760 GHz ( ATF36077)

LNA 144 MHz , IP3 +42 dbm , Nf 0,8 db

Made with FH1G, built-in attenuator 5 db

LNA of 144 and 432 MHz band (input of LNA designed for coaxial relay REV-16)

This LNA 144/432/1296 MHz has been designed for TROPO and EME applications

use ATF35143 ATF10136 MGF4919G and russian 3P325 (in my old LNA)



Test LNA with OMRON relay


Low Noise preamplifier 6 m Band

NF less 1,7 db with BFG540

S11 and S22 parameters


Received on HF 5-Band Yagi (without 6m Band elements)

LNA output protection

.... less 1 dB loss !

.... 2W peak triggering !


Review "New Old" Cavity LNA with MGF1303



NEW LNA SPF5189z with filter



Repair and modification LNA 144 MHz with SPF5189z


New input circuits (for static protection)

144 MHz


432 MHz



LNA 144 MHz , IP3 +42 dbm , Nf 0,8 db

Made with FH1G, built-in attenuator 5 db


High IP3 LNA for 1296 MHz with BPF

Uds =3,5V Current =60mA
about +30 dBm output 3rd OIP
0.6 dB noise figure
+12 dB gain with BPF 1296 MHz and attenuator 2 db


New design of LNA for 1296 MHz , ATF54143, 50 mA Nf ~0,55db

LNA for 144 MHz/ Avia Band & FM BC with SPF5189Z by RF Micro Devices

S21>23 db , NF < 0,7 db
S21 > 20 db , NF < 0,8 db

LNA for 432 MHz with SPF5189Z by RF Micro Devices

The LNA for 144 MHz with SPF-5189z GaAs pHEMT MMIC from RFMD

Simple construction, no tune, low noise, wide band, high linearity, small size... S21 > 20 db , NF < 0,6 db


SWR of input for optimal NF

S21 for LNA SPF5189z

(with 5 db ATT in Output of LNA)

Measure IP3

NF measurement

"Gold edition"

NEW PCB for LNA SPF5189z



High IP3 LNA 144 MHz with two channel output


LNA for 144 MHz and 432 MHz (MGF1302, 1303 ,3P325)

S21 of this LNA, norrow band, low Nf ..... "oldschool"

PCB file_144_434 for MGF1302

specification for LNA144 / 432


LNA for 1296 MHz (ATF35143)

LNA ATF35143 Measure S21 , Pin -30db

LNA ATF35143 Measure S11 , Pin -30db



PCB file_1296 ATF35143 ( Layout 4)

specification for LNA1296


BPF 1296 MHz


LNA`s for 1296 MHz, Nf < 0,4 db, ATF54143

LNA`s for 432 MHz, Nf < 0,5 db, ATF54143


In this moment i use LNA 10 GHz from SAT LNB, is good idea !

2 stage LNA for 10 GHz ( I used Single Circular LNB GT-SCIR-40)

You can click in this photo for big resolution - you need only cut PCB and solder only 4 place


Special LNA + BPF 144 MHz, my old LNA

Photo made without side of case.

This idea - not modern in this time

LNA 10 GHz , MGF4919G , RO4003 0,81mm , NF about 0,9 db

LNA 5,6-5,8 GHz with EPB018A5

LNA # 1

LNA # 2

LNA 5760 ATF36077

LNA 5760 NE3210S Super low noise , NF below 0,45 db


PCB file_10GHz LNA for MGF4919G (laminate Rogers RO4003 0,813 mm)

PCB file_10GHz LNA for MGF4919G ( laminate Rogers RO4003 0,5 mm )

PCB file_5,7GHz LNA for MGF4919G ( laminate Rogers RO4003 0,5 mm )

Measurement NF of 1296 MHz system

"Cold" Horn for measurement NF of LNA on 5,7 GHz and 10 GHz

5,7 GHz




Homebrew CP-50-155 to N connector

SMA to N

CP-50-155 to N



You can download NF calculator - NoiseFigure_v4.xls