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Block power amplifier of military transmitter R-140 was modified Alexander R5KA/RA3QU and me for two lamps GK71 with grounded grids. Intention is to use it for contest in future, mostly because of remote control feature. The signal for power amplifiers goes from home made switch from two transceiver. For full service I need automatic antenna tuner of R-140. This is very quiet PA ! High voltage 2400V goes from my old power supply for VHF PA with GS35b.


Modifications of input band switch ( SWR < 1:1,5-2)


Modification band plate of input switch for # III Band ( 7 MHz )


10 memories connected for 10 frequencies

LINKs for other modification of military transmitter R-140

Many information from Dominique F1FRV



______RF Voltmeter and Dummy Load 50 Ohm for QRO

Max. power 200 W (long time) / Max/ power 1 kW (short time)