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My history on HF Band

I have made 99,9 % QSO CW, is mine favorite mode!

The main my hobby in HF was DXing !

Interest in radio reception began at the age of 10 year when my father gave me old Radio RIGA-6 (BC HF tube receiver). But it was not working (broken IF and AF stage). I made simple crystal radio and 0-V-1 later. It was fantastic to hear radio stations without any power supply and indoor antenna!

1988 year :

I had my first RadioHam SWL Callsign UA3-135-816 in 1988 year .

I used "Home Made" direct convertion receiver (only 3 transistors) (RA3AAE DC Receiver).

I had many DX SWL in 3,7 MHz ( VK, ZL and South America).

Direct Conversion Receiver RA3AAE



Old Russian military receiver R-311

RF: 1 MHz-15 MHz IF=465 kHz

Later i have got old military receiver R-311 - is very simple and good performance for SWL !


1993 year :

I was first licensed as RA3WDK at 1993 CW and SSB on HF band (first time 160m)


After some time activity in 160 m (SSB) - i learned CW !

I actively used many years QRP power in 3,5 and 7 MHz. It was interesting ! I had "Home Made" tranceiver and short time had old military radio R-104 (for QRV 3,5 MHz). I used antenna VS1AA and inv V.

But the life is too short for QRP

And in 1994 year i had old military receiver R-250M (20 lamps) and made the "Home Made" transmitter to it. About 10 years i used it.

Very good receiver , but ..... weight of the receiver with the transmitter is the more 100 kg

1995 year :

I used many Power Amplifiers , also "Home made" with GI-7B (300W) and GU-43B (1kW).

My antennas for HF was not big , i used only :

GP for 14/21/28 MultiBand,

2 el wireYagi 7MHz

2 el ZL yagi 21 MHz

inv V and dipole in 3,5 and 1,8 MHz.

Some time i used 2 el Quad in 28 MHz and Loop in 3,5 MHz.


2001 year :

Approximately in 2001 i had old IC-745. Good vintage RIG. As i have got for it all filters IF 270/250 Hz for CW and FL-44A for SSB. I use it as share IF system with the my VHF xvrtr's.

Also i have use DSP 59+ Timewave - good equpment for receiver weak signal in strong noise and QRM. Below of DSP59+ you can see my Home Made integrator for audio signal for TRX1, TRX2 , DSP , SDR and FM VHF/UHF station.


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