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The 71st Indpendence Day of The Republic Of Indonesia

Indonesia Award

7-8 May SHF day "RADIO DAY"

6 QSO on 6 cm and 4 QSO on 3 cm band


Result in CQ WW CW 2016


5B WAZ has arrived ! I waited a long time this award and I have 170 zone aproved in Complete 5 Band WAZ Award Listing

# 305 for DXCC has arrived


DXpeditions in Iran

DXpedition in Botswana


Most Wanted DX expeditions in 2016 !

Heard isl. VK0EK

Juan de Nova isl. FT4JA


DXpedition to Guinea

Not easy was working with 3XY1T on many bands


DXpedition to Lesoto

DXpedition to

South Sandwich VP8STI (AN-009) & South Georgia VP8SGI (AN-007)

Big PILE-UPs in all HAMs World for Most Wanted K5P , VP8STI , VP8SGI


DXCC Challenge has arrived !

+1500 !

5BDXCC has arrived !

DX QSLs has arrived

VUCC Award 144 MHz confirmed 225 square only by LOTW system

Lets see first part 1953-1965 and second part 1966-1976


Ooops ! Good result for old IC-745 and vertical dipole

New Awards "EME Russia", see more info- EME


Russian Winter in Kursk








SHF day - 3/4 May 2013

6cm UR5LX KO70wk 145km

6cm RT3W KO81bv 20km

6cm R3GC KO92dq 182km

6cm UA3GKT KO92dq 182km

6cm R3GS KO92so 250km

6cm UA3PF KO83rj 206km

6cm UT3LL KO80ac 181km

6cm UT3IWA KN88xv 341km

6cm UA3DJG KO95cn 448km

3cm UR5LX KO70wk 145km

3cm RT3W KO81bv 20km

3cm R3GC KO92dq 182km

3cm UA3PF KO83rj 206km

3cm UA3DJG KO95cn 448km

3cm UT0MZ/p KN88xv 341km

3cm RP68GD KO95aj 427km

3cm RK3WWF KO72 86km




10 GHz

KO81<RS>KO95 about 448 km !

RA3WDK<RS >UA3DJG (MP3 file ) 448 km 10.05.2010

UA3DJG<RS>RA3WDK RS signal (MP3 file)

I save in KO81 QSO RK3WWF <TR> UA3DJG


I have many QSO every day with RK3WWF(RA3EME ex RA3WME)

RA3WME Alex save may RS CW signal in 10368.1 MHz

Also , you can see Tropo & RS signal QSO RA3WDK<RS>RK3WWF 09.05.10 via point in KO94


RA3WDK: 1,5 W , dish 55cm , DB6NT xvtr

RK3WWF 2 W , dish 2m , SAT LNA , DB6NT xvtr

UA3DJG 5W , dish 1,2 m DB6NT


More about SHF ....


My Home made RIG :

Xvtr 10368 GHz (KIT 10G2) + PA 4w , Dish 55 cm,

Xvtr 5760 MHz + PA "Terrasat" 5w, Dish 55 cm.