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Help file for setup driver FT232RL

(Russian language)



2 Time delay SEQUENCER

New version 5


New features, now with USB interface!

PCB file (Gerber format + CAM file)

Possible configurations


The old version of sequencer

The old version of sequencer


SEQUENCER with 3 levels of delay

This sequencer has not any MicroProcessors (MK or PIC) , uses simple 4 comparators (LM339xx).

This sequencer does not make QRM for RX. It has remoute from PTT and COM-port PC.

You can download circuit diagram (RUS lang.) , PCB (Sequencer.lay)

Connect sequencer for 3 Bands

for 3 band

for 3 band

  USB to serial UART RS-232 + PTT from DTR/RTS


PCB file (Layout v6 format)

Sequencer for HF RIG